Smiling Rooster Farm

Inspired by the still thriving turkey farm my uncle started in central New Jersey more than 60 years ago, Smiling Rooster Farm is dedicated to producing quality poultry products.  Our USDA inspected facility is a resurrection of a plant formerly known as Fiddler’s Creek Farm, which ceased operation in 2004. I remember delivering turkeys with my uncle to Fiddler’s Creek Farm over 30 years ago.  My career path left the farm, but since that time, I have always thought about developing and producing ready-to-eat turkey and chicken products. Thirty years later, life has brought me "back to the farm".

So what is behind our name "Smiling Rooster Farm"? I often tell people it is because our rooster knows that he going to die of old age and that until then, he can go about the business of being a rooster. Although that is true, my last name in Italian means rooster, and my mother’s maiden name means a lot of big teeth in Italian. So putting the two together, and with a little poetic license, I came up with Smiling Rooster. Our name is a tribute to my family.

David Galli

Smiling Rooster Farm,  LLC

Lambertville, NJ

The original smokehouse in the foreground and the newly renovated smokehouse in the background.